January Workshops

Workshop 1 - Bistre Inks


Usual calligraphy equipment plus...


1/4" automatic pen or something similar


Bister inks - 7 colours in the shop: yellow, green, blue, red, mahogany, brown, black.  These are 50p each.


If you have walnut ink you can use it too.


Small flat blade to transfer small amount of ink grains to palette - eg spatula, wooden coffee stirrer, not wider than 1/2cm


Pipette/ water dropper


Water containers


Mixing brushes - small


Small pointed brush


Deep welled palette


Some heavier writing paper - ie not layout as it won't take the 'wetness'.


A couple of sheets of watercolour paper - size is up to you, depends on the size of your masterpiece!




I'm basing this workshop on the session that I took with Amity Parks at the CLAS Festival 2022.  Here's a link to her work https://www.amityparkslettering.com


 Workshop 2 - Neuland

  Usual calligraphy materials,  good quality cartridge paper, a couple of flat brushes of different sizes, plus any paints, pencils, papers they might like to experiment with.