April Workshops

Workshop 1 - Gilly Hazeldine’s April Workshop

                    'Making Patterns with Letters'

Good quality cartridge paper

Brause Ornament nibs, size 2mm or Speedball ‘B’ series no 3 (these nibs have a disc on the end)
Black ink
Tracing paper
Black finaliser
Coloured pencils  - choose a colour scheme: oranges/reds, blues/purple, greens/blue greens - at least three pencils in the range.
Scalpel or pencil sharpener
HB and 2H pencils
small set square
If you have a lightbox, please bring it. I will bring one.
  PLEASE note :- if we end up with several light boxes we will have to set them up on a separate table otherwise we will have extension power cables everywhere!!!.




Workshop 2 - Scrolls 1




Notebook/sketch book for notes, jottings and any cuttings or images you may have accumulated already.


Usual calligraphy kit


Assorted papers