Message from Chairman


  If you are visiting our website because your interest in Calligraphy has been sparked by the media suggesting it makes a great pastime, then you have come to the right place.
  We are always interested in new people joining us to learn the art of beautiful writing, however, rather like an academic year, new students all need to start at the same time.
  Our beginners sessions will be starting on the 8th. January 2022. Our teacher for new students is one of the best in the country and you are advised to seize the opportunity to benefit from his superb skills. 
  Unlike media suggestions, Calligraphy is not really something that can be self-taught in 2 hours; you will only get frustrated and spoil it for yourself, fumbling around trying to make a decent piece of work.  Leave it to the experts to teach you how to plan a piece and write with finesse with rhythm to your writing.  We will inspire your inner artiste to produce fantastic work that will astound your family and friends. 
We hope to see you soon. If you want to get in touch use the 'Contact Us' page. 
For our site location refer to 'Membership Information'.

Watch this space for further updates and also keep checking your e mails.